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Name of Department
Details of Machinery
Blow Room LFA-005 China
  04 Scutchers FA-141  
  Separate Cotton & Polyester Line  
  Blow Room Filter Plant, Luwa Switzerland
  Bale Breaker, Howa Japan
  Roving Machine, Toyoda Japan
  Willow Machine Pakistan
Card 40 Card Machines  
  30 Machines, A186F China
  10 Machines, A186F China
  Card Filter, Luwa Switzerland
Drawing 15 Drawing Machines  
  04 Machines, Howa, DFK-2CS Japan
  01 Machine, Howa, DFK-2CS Japan
  02 Machines, Toyoda Hara, DYH-500 C Japan
  01 Machine, Cherry Hara, DX-500 Japan
  02 Machines, Hongda, FA-302 China
  01 Machine, Cherry Hara, D-600 Japan
  02 Machines, Tung Hsia, HSD-961 Taiwan
  02 Machines, Cherry DX-800 Japan
Simplex 07 Simplex Machines  
  03 Frames, RME, Howa Japan
  01 Frame, FL-16, Toyoda Japan
  02 Frames, SFA-406, Jiangsu China
  01 Frame, FA-415, Jiangsu China
Ring 54 Ring Machines (26208 Spindles)  
  15 Frame, FA-502, Jiangwei China
  08 Frame, FA 502, Jiangwei China
  07 Frame, FA 502 Changyi China
  04 Frame, FA 503, Jiangsu China
  06 Frame, EJM-128 K, Shanghai China
  06 Frame, EJM- 168 , Shanghai China
  06 Frame,FA 502 Jingwei China
Auto Cone 14 Auto Cone Machines, 760 Spindles  
  01 Manual Machine Japan
  01 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Peyer 150 Japan
  04 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Peyer 120 Japan
  01 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Peyer 120 Japan
  01 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Peyer 120 Japan
  02 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Uster D4 Japan
  01 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Uster D4 Japan
  02 Frame, Murata Mach Coner, Uster D4 Japan
  02 Frame,Murata 21-C Process Coner Japan
  01 Frame, Manual Winder, Gibas Pakistan
Air Compressors with Dryer 10 Air Compressors  
  01, Meiji, SO-30C, 22 KW Japan
  04, Meiji, SO-10C, 7.5 KW Japan
  01, Sanco, VS-15C, 11 KW Japan
  01, Broom Wade, 11 KW England
  01, Boge, S-50, 37 KW Germany
  01, Boge, S-60, 45 KW Germany
  01, Boge, S-61, 45 KW Germany
Air Conditioning System All A/C plants are made in by Shafaat Rasool Company Karachi Pakistan Pakistan
Labpratory Uster Auto-Sortr III Switzerland
  Uster Tester-3 Switzerland
  Micronair Tester (Portar) Germany
  Fibrograph-630 USA
  Stelometer Germany
  Lee Strength Tester China
  Shirley Analyzer China
  Evenness Tester China
  Wrapping Drum China
  Wrap Lee Machine China
  Single Yarn Strength China
  UPS Japan
  Stroboscope Japan

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